Mission Leaders

Drake Goldenberg Chief Financial Officer

Since joining the Mission team in 2012, Drake Goldenberg has been delivering thoughtful and strategic solutions amid consistent agency growth. Early in his career at Mission, Goldenberg was charged with bringing outsourced payroll and accounting departments in-house. He quickly proved himself as a thought leader and strategic partner in Mission’s tremendous year-over-year market share growth, and was rapidly promoted through the ranks, becoming an essential asset in the implementation of more advanced operational and financial systems. Drake has since led the company to more cost-effective solutions and improved operational efficiency, while still remaining dedicated to preserving the company’s culture.

Goldenberg acquired his Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in Accounting and a Master of Science in Accountancy from San Diego State University. He is also an active Certified Managerial Accountant (CMA). As a Marine Corps veteran, Drake brings structure and the ability to adapt quickly to change within this rapidly growing company. In his free time he enjoys reading and outdoor activities with his family.