What our patients are saying: Toms Story

“Celia was so pleasant! Her approach to her mission was professional and thorough. One speaks clearly and in an unhurried manner.“ – Phyllis & Schnell

“Ngozika (Gozeeka - phonetic spelling) has provided bathing for my severely handicapped wife several times. She has been responsible, dependable and caring at all times. I recommend her without reservation. She has been pleasant and capable, and of invaluable help during difficult times.” – Richard M. Agler

“This was my first experience with home health care after partial knee replacement of both knees, and it was excellent! She totally put me at ease, explained every exercise thoroughly and why it was necessary. Carleen has excellent bedside manner she is very personable yet very professional. It is very obvious she really enjoys what she does. She made my recovery as easy as could be. I wouldn’t hesitate to only ask for her if I need PT in the future. Thank you Carleen!” – Richard Simon

"I certainly have a great impression of Mission Home Health! My first clinician was Tony, who I only had for one visit, but he set a great example! Lillia Angel-Singh was my clinician for 3 visits and she was incredible! She had a great attitude, very knowledgeable, fun, and frankly if I ever have need of Mission Home Health, without hesitation, I would request her! She did an absolutely stellar job! You are blessed to have her on your staff! Thanks for the great job everyone did!  - Dane Morton

What our staff is saying: 

Annette's StoryBeing a nurse is not just a job to me it is who I am. I was looking for a company whose number one priority was the community it served, administering the highest quality of care. With Mission Healthcare I found that and more. Mission Healthcare prides itself on Quality of life for their staff and the lives they care for. - Kelley Babb, Nurse – Mission Home Health

"We are a family and we take care of other people's family." - Cameron – Intake Department

"I've been in home healthcare for over 20 years now and Mission Healthcare is the finest organization that I have worked with. I really feel supported in the field and I feel that I can bring my best to my patients because of that support. Bringing my best to my patients allows them to be their best and together we can really make that healing happen." - Mark - Mission Home Health

"Mission is a family based environment where everybody is working towards the same goals of providing high quality patient care. I would never feel comfortable working for a company that I didn't believe in, but I would feel completely comfortable recommending any of Mission Healthcare's services to my loved ones." - Annette, Physical Therapist – Mission Home Health

Here is what the press is saying about Mission Healthcare:

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