The Mission Difference

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In today’s healthcare environment, people have choices about the provider’s that they use.  In most areas, that can mean 50 or more options for a particular service.  In today’s competitive landscape, Mission intends to be the clear choice above all other provider options.  How can we accomplish this?  The answer is by providing comprehensive in-home services and an unparalleled customer experience.  Everything that we do at Mission supports our core values which include:

Patients and their families come first.
  Every decision that we make is based on meeting the needs of our patients.  Each patient that we care for has a very specific set of needs.  The need may be the immediate attention of one of our clinicians in a remote area, or advice from a nurse in the middle of the night.  Oftentimes, the family members of the patients we take care of need attention too.  Whether it is long term planning for care of their loved one or emotional support as they face uncertainty with the health of a family member; Mission is committed to meeting the need.  In tough economic times, many providers fail to go the extra mile because it costs money.  At Mission, we take care of patients, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Our employees are our greatest resource.  Mission leadership believes the right way to teach is to lead by example.  The best way to deliver care in a compassionate, respectful way is to treat our employees with those same principles in mind.  At Mission, the employee experience goes beyond salaries and benefit plans.  Every member of the Mission family is a decision maker whose opinion is valuable.  Every employee is challenged on a daily basis to change the way we do things if they have a better way.  Mission recognizes employees who make a difference on a regular basis, creating a dynamic work environment with the lowest turnover rate in the industry.  Employees understand that an opportunity at Mission is not a job, but rather a career opportunity in a supportive family environment.

We must provide the best customer experience if we want to continue to thrive.  In a competitive healthcare environment, Mission must exceed the expectations of our customers who include our patients, their families, and our partners in the healthcare community.  In an age of customer service automation, Mission remains old fashioned.  A call to Mission day or night will be answered by a live person capable of handling any issue that may be facing one of our customers.  Mission guarantees in home service faster than any company we compete with because we feel that our patients with healthcare related needs shouldn’t have to wait.  Mission focuses on the little things which often can make a big difference including short phone hold times and a “can do” attitude that you will notice throughout our organization.

Mission must play a lead role in reducing healthcare costs.  We believe that all healthcare providers must participate in finding ways to reduce costs to lower our national healthcare expenditures.  Mission believes that leading by example makes the strongest statement.  Mission offers a comprehensive line of in-home services which cost a fraction of what comparable care in a traditional setting would cost.  Through the advancement of technology, most medical conditions can now be treated in the home reducing the cost burden for patients, their families, and all American taxpayers.  We believe that promoting these services and ultimately our continued success as an organization can set an example that many will follow.