, Feb. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mission Healthcare, a San Diego-based home health and hospice provider, and Confirm BioSciences, a leading provider of comprehensive screening tools and solutions, today announced initial engagement data from Mission Healthcare's pilot implementation of HealthState, a proprietary health and wellness platform solution. The new program is being developed by Confirm BioSciences to provide employees with premier wellness benefits and employers with meaningful, actionable workplace health insights.

Industry data indicates that typical participation rates for workplace wellness programs hover at an average of 20 percent.1 With a primary goal of serving its employees, Mission Healthcare invested in the platform as an innovative solution to boost employee engagement and provide a unique added benefit. The company is pleased to report that early participation rates have far exceeded their goal for engagement.

"This data validates the growing importance of implementing innovative, engaging wellness programs and provides peace of mind as we continue to invest in practical solutions that help our team reach and maintain optimal health. Given the ongoing health insights, diagnostics, and telemedicine service included in the platform, we expect to see boosts in employee engagement, productivity and job satisfaction," said Paul VerHoeve, Chief Executive Officer, Mission Healthcare. "Leading a company of over 600 employees with approximately 80 percent working in the field or remotely presents unique challenges in terms of engagement.  With the initial adoption rate at 75% over the industry average, we can see the importance of offering this to our employees, and creating a powerful, unique employee benefit for our company in this competitive vertical."

Mission Healthcare is providing the platform to their employees, which includes HealthConfirm at-home health tests that boost engagement while providing actionable wellness data around stress levels and biometrics. This aggregated health data allows the company to make informed decisions and effectively spend on its employees. As a cutting-edge wellness perk, employees have access to telemedicine services, customized wellness plans generated by a personal health assessment, a cognitive-based stress management course, company-wide wellness challenges, incentives and rewards for engagement, and access to a health content library for personal health research.

"Mission Healthcare is on the forefront of innovation in wellness programming and they're setting themselves apart as an employer who prioritizes the health and wellbeing of their workforce," said Albert Berger, Chief Executive Officer, Confirm BioSciences. "Supporting employee health is just good business and it pays in ways beyond health metrics. Providing a valuable wellness platform becomes a strong recruiting tool in their competitive industry, it helps retain top talent, and can even increase employee productivity."

Mission Healthcare continues to invest in and empower its most valuable asset — its employees. Since implementing the pilot program, the company has become equipped with a wide range of knowledge and tools that will continue to help its team grow, achieve optimal efficiencies and generate great results. If you are interested in learning more about Mission Healthcare or its current career opportunities, please visit

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About Mission Healthcare
Mission Healthcare was founded in 2009 with the creation of its first service line, Mission Home Health, in San Diego. In 2011, Mission added its hospice service line. Today, Mission employs over 600 people and serves both home health and hospice patients through Southern California. In 2019, Mission was selected as a Top Workplace by the San Diego Union-Tribune. For additional information, visit

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Confirm BioSciences is a leading provider of high-quality, comprehensive screening tools and solutions across the full spectrum of health and wellness. With core competencies in testing drugs of abuse and broader health metrics, Confirm is dedicated to providing its customers with meaningful, actionable information. The company's product portfolio ranges from instant and lab-based testing solutions for drugs of abuse, including HairConfirm® and DrugConfirm®, to HealthConfirm®, a line of testing solutions for health and wellness, with results delivered in insightful user-friendly reports. As an industry authority, Confirm educates and empowers its customers, and supports initiatives that create drug-free and healthy homes, workplaces and communities. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California. For additional information, visit

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